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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 9, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EST

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runaway rescue. it takes the california highway patrol to save a driver from its out of control toyota prius. >> i won't drive that car again, period. into thin air. the search for a texas businessman who vanished in new orleans. and up close and personal. storm chaesers get more than they bargained information in oklahoma. >> oh, my god. we're good. it's going to go -- the flash. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, march 9th, this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, march 9th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everyone. and thanks for joining us.
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i'm michelle gielan. we begin this morning with toyota and what appears to be another frightening incident involving a stuck accelerator. a man driving a prius in southern california says he was trying to pass another car when he lost control of his prius. meantime, toyota is trying to discredit an outside study that says that its accelerator problems are electronic and not mechanical. whit johnson is in washington with details. whit, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. with 34 deaths possibly linked to toyota's sudden acceleration, the auto giant is under the microscope and there's pressure from washington for a thorough review of every incident. toyota's reputation may have suffered another debt. >> i won't drive that car again, period. >> reporter: james signs was driving his toyota prius down a busy san diego highway monday when all of a sudden -- >> push the gas pedal to pass a car and it just -- it did something kind of funny, did something kind of weird, just
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jumped. and then it just stuck there. >> reporter: the car reportedly zoomed, to 94 miles per hour. signs said he stood on the brakes pressing them so hard he could smell them. after calling 911, a highway a patrol officer came to his rescue. sgli could tell he was physically trying to brake and it was barely showing down. >> reporter: the officer eventually helped him roll the vehicle to a stop using his own police cruiser as an additional brake. the latest incident couldn't have come at a worst time for toyota. on the same day synes was trying to stop his prius, toyota was trying to put an toend claims that faulty electronics may cause up intended ak and he will race. >> speculation is easy, science takes a lot more effort. >> reporter: the company shot down charges by an illinois professor that a computer glitch was to blame. toyota's own panel of experts says the issue is mechanical. >> professor gilbert has not provided any evidence that this has occurred or even could occur
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in the real world. >> reporter: toyota continues to. >> mike: that sticky gas pedals and floor mats can cause sudden acceleration. as if sypes, he says just two weeks ago he was told his car was not on toy's recall list and wheel he's angry with the automaker -- >> if i could have a problem, anybody can have a problem. >> reporter: -- he's just grateful his frightening situation is over. 8.5 million toyotas have been recalled worldwide. more than 6 million in the u.s. michelle. >> and whit i know it's still really early on, but any indication this is latest incident had to do with either a sicky gas pedal or a faulty floor mat? >> reporter: the driver of the prius says he doesn't position that the floor mad had anything to do with it. he says he was actually holding on to the steering wheel with his left hand, reaching down trying to pull up the gas pedal, but it wouldn't bunch. so is that a sticky gas pelgz or something else? we'll still have to wait for results from the investigation. >> either way, scary. all right, whit johnson in washington.
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thanks. the mud slinging between president obama and the health insurance industry is getting mess krer. the insurance industry plans on spend more than a mill he will i don't know dollars on tv ads to counter criticism from the president. yesterday the president was pointing fingers again pushing health care reform saying that insurance companies care more about profits than people. joel brown reports. >> reporter: president obama is fired up. and putting the heat on lawmakers to pass health care reform. >> the united states congress owes the american people a final up or down vote on health care. >> reporter: and a campaign still rally outside philadelphia, president obama argued the difficulty of the issue was in excuse for delay. >> what's hard is what millions of families and small businesses are going through because we allow the insurance 12ri to run wild. >> reporter: the president accused insurance companies of putting profits over people as he tried to rev up more public support for his overhaul plan.
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>> every year, they drop more people's courage he right when they meet it most, every year they raise premiums high i and higher. >> reporter: the president is pushing for the house to vote on the reform bill the senate already passed before he leaves on his trip to asia next week. the legislation bans insurance companies from denying coverage to customers with pre-existing conditions and aims to cut health insurance costs. republicans insist it's a recipe for higher taxes, cuts in medicare, and lost jobs. they plan a fight to the end. >> americans to not want this bill. they're telling us to start over. and the only people who don't seem to be getting the message are democratic leaders. >> reporter: even some democrats aren't on board. several house moderates don't like abortion language in the bill. and others are ware of the $1 trillion price ag. joel brown, cbs news, the white house aboutle. one of two american missionaries held in haiti on
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kidnapping charges is back in the united states this morning. charisa coulter was freed yesterday and flew to miami. coulter and nine other americans were arrested trying to take 33 children out of haiti following january's earthquake. eight of the missionaries were freed last month. the group's lead, laura silsby, is still being held. family and friends held a vigil to remember amber dubois. more than 1,000 people joined the candlelight vigil last night in escondido, california for the teenager who disappeared more than a year ago on her way to school. her remains were found over the weekend north of san diego. at the vigil, her parents called for better laws to protect children from predators. on the cbs "moneywatch," stocks in asia finished mostly higher this morning and emily smith is here in new york with that and more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a pretty quiet day for most asian markets. the hang seng edged up slightly. the nikkei bucked the trend losing a fraction. today wall street will be watching for new retail numbers as both j crew and new man
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marcus re lease their quarterly sales total ps p monday the dow lost 13, the nasdaq was up 5. it was one year ago today the stock market hit rock bottom. since then, the dow jones industrials have bounced back by about 60%. there are new signs the job market is heating up. the government says temp jobs jumped by 48,000 last month to more than 2 million. and companies are increasingly making them permanent positions. latest manpower survey says 16% plan to add jobs in the second quarter. all the 3d mania at the box office could soon be moving in to your living room. sony unveiled its new lineup p 3d tv sets today in tokyo. companies are rushing to get the technology into the market after 3d films like "avatar" got so popular. sam so you think sand panasonic each have similar models coming out this year. sony thinks 3d sets could account for 10% of its sales this year. and pre-nups are becoming more popular. a new survey finds nearly one-third of single americans
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would agree to a pre-marital contract which establishes how a couple's finances will be handled in the event of a breakup. currently 3% of married couples in the u.s. have pre-nups. that's up from just 1% in 2002. >> everyone's thinking money. all right. emily smith here in new york. thanks. just ahead on the morning news, the search for a texas executive last seen in the french quarter. plus, a terrifying tornado caught on tape as it sweeps through western oklahoma. but first katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." can america take the lead in creating a greener world and make our economy stronger? not if china has its way. "where america stands" on green technology, tonight only on the "cbs evening news." as a dermatologist, i always hear about products that promise to make my patients look younger. but nothing works like this. [ female announcer ] new neutrogena® clinical skincare, with 10 breakthrough patents, goes beyond lines and wrinkles for a firmer, more uplifted look. exclusive ion2 complex combines with the activating cream to boost collagen depleted skin.
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there's a movement afoot in this country. a student-led revolution. people like me think it's time higher education was held to a higher standard. because it's time tradition no lger stood in the way of getting an education. people like me demand a different kind of university. one that puts my talent first. on-line... on campus... on my terms. it's time a university recognized people like me. people like me. people like me. look at this huge tornado that touched down in western oklahoma yesterday afternoon. the twister destroyed at least
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five homes and tore the roofs off others. power lines were also brought down. the storm was on the ground for more than 15 minutes. luckily no injuries reported. the search continues in new orleans for a missing texas businessman. 54-year-old douglas shontz was last seen at 2:00 a.m. friday. he left a bar in the french quarter and apparently headed towards the mississippi river. police are checking surveillance tapes and say there has been no activity on his cell phone or credit cards. he was in new orleans to present a $25,000 donation to tulane university. his family is understandably devastated. >> distraught, shocked. we just really want help found alive and back with our family. >> a reward of $25,000 is being offered for information. iraq is still counting the votes from sunday's parliamentary elections. the parties of the current prime minister and a former prime minister both say they're ahead.
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and more iraqis turned out to vote than in last year's elections. elizabeth palmer reports from baghdad. >> reporter: a shave and a haircut to start the week. iraqis are relaxing in to familiar routines again after the tension of an election that appears to have been a success. now it doesn't really matter to me who gets in, says this man. as long as they make the country safe. the election may be over now, but the results are going to take a few days to come in. and even when they do, they're unlikely to produce you one clear winner with another power to rule. 12 million iraqis voteded in 8,000 well run polling centers. but they've chosen candidates from across the political and religious spectrum. and that means furious horse trading all summer to come up with a ruling coalition, which is fine if the fight for power remains political. but shoppers and shopkeepers we spoke to fear sore losers could turn back to violence.
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even two years as r. ago, this doctor would have risked kidnapping or assassination if he'd sat on this busy street enjoying his lunch. he's afraid the bad old days could come back. >> it's very, very dangerous. in fact, we want it live in peace, you know that. >> reporter: the american government wants that, too. it sent more than 1,000 people with a budget of $2.6 billion to help iraq shore up its shaky institutions and fight corruption. >> this is the world's largest american embassy. we have more employees here than in any embassy in the world. we're not leaving. were the the cream of a new relation shep based on american troops pulling out is a shared one. this ad was made back in 2005 to encourage iraqis to vote in the last election. the message then was you vote, they'll leave. at last, it appears that dream is coming true.
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elizabeth palmer, cbs news, baghdad. straight ahead, your tuesday morning weather. and in sports, one for the record books as uconn's lady huskies make history again. [ female announcer ] you can run in anything, and apparently some people do. but no matter what you wear, new tide plus febreze freshness sport is the number-one sports detergent for stain removal.
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los angeles, partly cloudy at 63. it team now to for a check on the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows that it's a stormy morning across the plains and midwest. thick clouds are building along the guchl coast and much of the east is wake to go another crystal clear morning. later today, those clouds will produce a mixture of rain and snow on the western side of the rockies. showers are expected across the southwest. it will be a raw and nasty day across at great plains and midwest. thunderstorms will be developing across the deep south. and it will remain bright and sunny from the mid-atlantic up to northern new england. in sports, gonzaga, the number 18 college basketball team in the country, was upset in the west coast conference tournament title game. unranked st. mary's of california beat them 81-62 and get an automatic bid to the ncaa tournament gonzaga will probably still get an invitation to the
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tournament when the 65 teams are announced on sunday. the connecticut women's team has beaten its own record. the top ranked lady huskies had an easy 59-44 win over notre dame in the semifinals in the big east tournament. that is their 71st win in a row and counting, they play west virginia tonight in the title game. in the nba, cleveland was finally able to win a game without lebron james. with their some 125r nursing a sore ankle, cleveland edged san antonio 97-95. and new york got some help from the clock as the shot came after the buzzer. the knicks beat the hawks for the third team this season, 99-98. more fun when it's a buzzer beater, right? when we return, another look at this morning's top stories. and a possible weight loss break through matching the right diet to your genetic makeup. to get more of the fiber you need every day,
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. it will be another beautiful day across the med atlantic states and northeast. the great plains and midwest will be chilly and wet. rain is also likely across the south and rain is expected in the western side of the rockies. here's another look at this morning's top stories. a california driver says the accelerator got stuck on his toyota prius yesterday. he was able to stop with the help of the highway patrol. meanwhile, toyota insists that its problems are mechanical and not electric. and one of two american missionaries being held in haiti on kidnapping charges is back in the u.s. charisa coulter was freed yesterday. laura silsby, the group's leader, remain miscustody. a new study looks at alzheimer's disease and race. it found african-americans are twice as likely to develop the
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fatal brain wasting disease than whites. alzheimer's association stud didity also found that hispanics are 1.5 times more likely than whites to have the disease. blacks and hispanics are more likely to have hood blood pressure and diabetes which are known risk factors for alzheimer's. in other health new, researchers say a new dna test can determine the best way for you to lose weight. karen brown reports. >> reporter: dieting. it can feel like running in place. >> i tried the insulin resistance diet, the megan fox, water and vinegar diet. >> reporter: but a new study says your perfect diet may be found in your geens. >> we're finally beginning to have the proof that you can scientifically determine which diet is best for any given person. >> reporter: researchers at stanford university found that a simple dna test can predict if you will lose more weight on a low carb diet or low fat one. >> do you really think it could be that easy? >> i'm hoping so.
4:22 am
i've been trying for years to get right. >> reporter: magician kenny brown has been overweight his entire life. he could make tissues disappear, but not the pounds. >> i tried everything. >> reporter: but this doctor determined he needed a low carb diet, the pounds started coming off. the pud decide of 138 women found that weight loss of 40 pounds or more could be connected to several genes that regulate how fast and cashes are metabolize . >> he this had and i have files greater weight loss. >> reporter: another study found that 45% of white women have a low carb gino type, while 39% have a low fat gene know type. >> findings like this can help millions of people. >> reporter: kenny has now lost 60 pounds. >> you just have to stick to your will power. >> reporter: scientists say a larger study is needed, but for a country facing an obesity epidemic, it's a step in the right direction. karen brown, cbs news, new york.
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good morning, i'm audren barnes. health care experts will have a massive pro test against the insurance company industry today. one day after president stepped
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up his attacks against the industry. a last-ditch effort to get the public behind him. the postis pushing for the 18 18th, when he leaves for a trip to aisy. a field specialist from toyota has been is sent to california. the california highway patrol said they helped to stop a runaway toyota prius after the driver said his accelerator was stuck. it's the same day toyota attempted to repute claims that it's an electronic problem. the first same-sex marriages will take place today. the first wedding ceremony will be 9:30 toll lowed by -- followed by two other ceremonies. a fourth couple will also have it when the religious and free
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marriage quality act was signed in last december. another treat. yesterday was a great day. today another beauty. they are going to slowly go downhill. the second half of the week will be quite wet at times. let's show you what is happening. a beautiful start to the day. showers well out. you to go to the mississippi river if you want to find the rain. around here this morning, we are in the 40s. in the 30s, we have 20s even in the suburbs. monassis down to 25. a lot of sunshine. we will warm up quick lisa mateo mid-40s again by 9:00. mid-50s for lunch. topping off around 60 give or take a couple. enjoy the tuesday, angie. >> reporter: i think we can do that. to moderate amounts of alcohol. the main thing we are wake up to this morning, construction. i want to let you know crossing the key bridge. a big project out of roslin.
4:28 am
down to one lane in both spots. inner and outer loop work near 7. telegraph approach with caution. 2 p 0, hardly any traffic out of fed ricks to 271 from the splint splint. more warm weather meaning more melting of the snow mounds at rfk stadium. it's a rare opportunity to document the filth that ends up up in the wateraways. stoa scott broom with more. >> reporter: it hack taken on the look of ash. this fisherman says it's too close to the water at rfk. >> it's too close to the river, and how long will it last? it will be there for awhile. >> reporter: lot 8, acres of snow still 12 feet deep. this is is where the department of transportation sent the snow to melt.
4:29 am
it's melting now, leaving nasty muddy sediment and revealing items from the streets headed to the drains nearby. >> when i look at that, i think it's all going into the river. that's what i think. >> reporter: the river society says it's a lesson to all of us. >> the piles of trash bundle up all the problems, road salt, sediment, trash, oil, gasoline, it all ends up in the piles you. see it concentrated right there. >> reporter: the river is stress from the winter -- is stressed from the winter. >> it's outrage use. >> reporter: it's normally washed by rains over 1,000 storm drains, but now it's piled up in one place for everyone


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